G2M Game Art Mentorship Program

Language: English

Instructors: Rahul Sehgal

Validity Period: 365 days



Why this course?


The G2M Game Artist Mentorship Program enables Game Artists to become 100% game industry ready and start their gamedev careers in the shortest time possible with an above-average starting salary.

This is achieved by following a systematic seven-step process as follows  

Step 1:  Students are taught the fundamentals of art (Perspective, Anatomy, colour theory)

Step 2: They choose a specialization within 2D and/or 3D Art

Step 3: They can choose to be part of a group game project in collaboration with the G2M Game Design and production program participants and build a polished game 
Step 4: They are guided in building a high-quality portfolio showcasing their work, focused on the role, specialization and company/studio of their choice.

Step 5: Students start building their game industry network, in order to find the best possible opportunities in the game industry.

Step 6: Course participants are trained/mentored to showcase themselves in the best way possible, which includes building their LinkedIn profile, resume and Personal Branding.

Step 7: The final step is to teach negotiation of salary and terms with companies and studios. They are shown the best practices for achieving the best possible salary and terms with prospective employers.

The program is designed in a way that people who are studying in full-time courses such as B.Tech., CSE or even working full-time professionals, can participate fully and get maximum benefit from this program.

This will be done through

Live coaching classes 
Live Masterclasses
Exclusive Discord server
Recorded online modules


Phase I (0 to 6 months): You will work on steps 1 to 3 through Live classes and recorded modules 

Phase II (6 to 12 months):
You will work on steps 4 to 7. 

> Your portfolio, resume and LinkedIn profile will be analyzed by the G2M Mentorship team and feedback given.

> You can choose to collaborate with a team from the G2M Game Design and Production Course on a game project, which will be directly mentored by myself and the G2M Mentorship team.

> If you want to work on your own project, you will receive community support and feedback; the best quality games can apply for direct support from the G2M Mentoring team!

Course Curriculum

Intro and fundamentals
Goal Setting exercise worksheet
Seven Big Mistakes
Goal Setting Exercise
Art fundamentals Class 1
Art fundamentals Task 1
Art fundamentals Task 2
Art fundamentals feedback call
Game Art Masterclasses
Game Art Process and Pipeline
Rules of Game Art Direction
Game character design masterclass part 1 Preview
Character design masterclass 2
Concept Art for games
Concept Art demo class
Concept art class 2
From Rough to orthogonal drawings

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