What is Gamer2maker?

Are you looking to learn Game Design and understand the process of making games?

Tired of seeing Game art and Tools courses packaged as Game Design courses?

Congratulations, your quest is complete!

The Gamer2maker course is an actual Game Design and Production course which is your best chance of making your dreams of being a game-maker come true. Here, you will find a PRACTICAL course that will make you INDUSTRY READY, whether you want to get a job at a game studio or start your own.

Gamer2maker is a method, a course, a community, a project, a mentor.

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Game Design and Production Course


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Everyone can make Games!

The game industry is the world's biggest entertainment industry, generating approximately $160 Billion in 2020, which is more than television, movies and digital music. It might be big but it's still a pretty young industry, and growing rapidly, especially in India.

There is a huge demand for game makers of all disciplines (Design, Art, Programming, Testing among others), but there is a distinct lack of resources for those wanting to join the game industry, whether it is getting a job at a company/studio or even taking the path of an entrepreneur and setting up their own studio.

In particular, Game Designers are in great demand; they are among the highest paid roles in game teams but there too few of them, and most courses that offer Game Design are basically Game Art courses or Tools courses!

In addition, there is a lack of experienced game industry professionals to teach game-making and also mentor prospective game-makers. Most game making professionals are occupied full-time with their work and can't find time to teach their skills and share their wisdom and learnings of making games and getting ahead in the game industry.

After teaching part time for ten years, Rahul realized the need of a practical Game Design and Production course that could teach people more than just tools.  He created the Gamer2maker Game Design and Production course to ensure that people have an all-round undestanding of game development and not just the technical aspect,  and to ensure that people are actually industry ready.

Gamer2maker is a course and also a method; it is a PRACTICAL course built from experience and expertise gained from teaching and mentoring thousands of students over a decade.  It is integrated with a game project that students are trained to complete and showcase using a step-by-step process that goes from the basics of game design and production to advanced topics which are delivered through a mix of recorded classes and live Masterclasses.

And not just game-making; the Gamer2maker course also helps students build a solid Game Career Strategy and make the right decisions to go far and rise in the Game Industry. This is done through specialized Game Career modules.

The Four Ps Of the Gamer2Maker Method


This is what you do before starting to actually  make the game. Learn how to research, plan, scope and document your game project so that you give it the best chance of success once it's out there.


The fun stuff-actually building the video game! You will learn the process of producing a game-creating art assets, implementing code, making the game world and designing levels.


Here's where you take your game from good to great. Create a great tutorial; tune and balance your game, finalize the sounds and music and get ready to launch it!


Get your game out into the world! Sell your game by creating marketing assets, a great trailer, build a community, leverage social media and even look for a publisher for your game!

The Iceberg Principle of Game-making

There's a LOT more to game-making than you can see at surface level! There are many hidden processes in game-making that you will learn through the G2M method. 

Why G2M is Unlike other online courses


Regular group coaching calls and a Discord server where you can get personalized guidance and advice on your game project and Game career


You are not alone! Exclusive access to a community of like-minded people who want to make a living making games. Find collaborators for your project, and start building your game industry network

Game Project

The only way to learn how to make video games is to actually make them! Build your own game from scratch and release it to learn the process and also gain experience and build your portfolio.

Career Guidance

A specialized career module where you will learn the ways of the Game Industry! Get a job at a game studio or start your own, and if you're already in the Game Industry, understand how to become a leader and get ahead in your career. 

In G2M, you won’t be taught TOOLS...It’s all about processes and strategy.

G2M is a course formulated to make you industry-ready, whatever your long-term goal may be.


Game Design and Production Course

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Included in the course

G2M Course Structure and content 

This is only an indicative list of modules/topics and is not exhaustive; newer modules and topics are added regularly as per the learning needs of students; this is a constantly evolving and improving course!


Intro to G2M 

The 4 Ps 

The 2 mantras

Seven big mistakes

and more...


Basic Concepts

Game genres & history




and more...


Game Design 101

The Magic Circle

Look under the hood

Four kinds of Fun

Play it till you make it

and more...


Creative Strategy

What should I make?

What CAN I make?

Who's going to play it?


and more...


Game Design I

Gameplay and progression

Story and Narrative

Character design

Game world design

and more...



Game maker roles

Game Documentation


Project planning

and more...


Game Production

Milestones and gates

File & version management

Working as a team

Effective communication

and more...


Careers Intro 

Personal branding

Setting goals

Effective portfolios

Resume and LinkedIn

and more...

Who can follow the Gamer2Maker method?

College Students in B.Tech. and other technical/non-technical courses

Working software professionals looking to be game-makers

Individuals working in other fields not related to gaming or software

School students looking to join the game industry after class 12

Those looking to be entrepreneurs in the field of video games

People looking to learn game-making as a hobby

Game industry professionals looking to upskill and advance their careers  

Game Companies looking to teach specific skills to employees


Game Design and Production Course

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Instant Access

14 Days Refund

Hear from Rahul's students

Rahul not only gave me enough knowledge to be the developer I am today, but also a great deal of advice about what the industry is like, and what to expect when I started working. His ways are very practical. He emphasizes teamwork, which helped me be a team player. He is an inspirational and encouraging mentor, and a great game designer to boot! "

Anshul Soni, Gameplay Programmer, EA Seattle

I credit Rahul in large part for my journey in learning Game-making and being part of the industry. I had the opportunity of working on quite a few projects under his mentorship . He brought a lot of unique ideas and fun teaching techniques into the video game development scene in India. His own experiences in the game industry helped us a lot in understanding the importance of design and functional production pipelines. 

Harshini Isvi, Game Artist, Entain

Rahul is a very creative, energetic and passionate teacher. The passion he has for game design really shows in the way he teaches. He is very patient and creates a fun learning environment for his students. The lessons themselves are very creative and provide a holistic view of the subject. He is very knowledgeable and well informed about the latest trends in the industry. His teaching methods prepare students for the industry and beyond. Rahul taught me game design, which prepared me for the industry and brought me a lot of success."

Aakash Parameswaran, Programmer, EA Hyderabad


How long does the course take to complete?

Assuming that you spend at least 6 to 10 hours per week on it, the Gamer2Maker course material and exercises would take around 3 to 4 months to complete; this does not include the game project.

What kind of coaching and mentoring can I expect?

There will be regular group coaching calls where Rahul will answer selected questions from students and clarifying their doubts as regards the course and content.

There will also be a dedicated, exclusive Discord server where you can communicate with the other course participants and also directly with Rahul and the G2M team.

Will I learn programming/coding of games in this course? 

This is not a tools course; there are no classes for learning Unity, Unreal or any other engine. You will learn what to make with these tools and not how to make it.

What hardware and software do I need for this course?

You will need a computer (PC or Mac) with access to the internet, and also a graphics editor such as Photoshop (or Gimp, which is free). 

How long do I have access to this course?

You have one years' unlimited access to the course, content and Discord server. 

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